How to contribute?

TheAlbanianHouse is an open source project that intends to document some of the main traditional Albanian houses and their architecture in some of the main, most important cities and villages of Albania. On the website on the right side are all the materials that we already have for the old houses and buildings on the cities that the team has collected information. If you want to get involved there are various ways how you can contribute to the project. But before that please not that you should be nice to other people and remember that this a collaborative project where we should respect each other ideas and opinions. Two main separations for contributions are helping with content or with coding.

Contribute to content:

  • Find typos
  • Propose changes to the actual content
  • Add new content for the buildings which are not on the map
  • Report bugs

To do those things you need to have a GitHub account. First open a new issue to describe what you want to report or to suggest improvements. If you don't know to do it technically do not worry someone else will pick up the issue and add the changes to the site.

Contribute to code:

  • Fix reported bugs from issues
  • Implement new changes

Website code is hosted on GitHub: Also before doing any change on the code be careful to discuss it before in the issues. See the list with the issues which are already open as maybe someone else has opened a similar one before.

Create your branch with the changes that you have done and later on make a pull request to the project. Please use commit messages which are descriptive for the changes that you have made.

Also feel free to open issues even to ask questions. All the content that you will contribute will be under Creative Commons license and the coding will be under AGPL3.0 License.